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Based at UCLan in Preston, the MaCaW project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund alongside the University of Central Lancashire and was set up to help Lancashire-based SMEs move to a low carbon model.

The project will assist businesses in reducing their carbon footprint with a range of support and the possibility of access to a 50% match funded grant for up to £15,000 to purchase low-carbon technology. The match funding also includes the installation costs which makes installing LEDs and solar panels more affordable.

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Supply chains made more sustainable by MaCaW

What’s the simplest way of saving thousands in energy costs, cutting tonnes of carbon from your operation, and boosting your business’ profile with clients seeking a more sustainable supply chain? Canopy Products called [...]

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The Resurrection of Hydrogen

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Why cutting carbon starts with your people

Reducing your Lancashire SME’s carbon footprint with MaCaW may lead to a matched grant for new, efficient equipment. But improvements can start by taking steps that require no capital investment at all. There’s [...]

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