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Meet The Team

I am the outsider of the team, officially living outside of Lancashire in Leigh, although as any true Leyther will tell you, we are Lancashire through and through. I have a passion for the amazing environment we live in and am a keen outdoor enthusiast with a particular interest in hiking through our wonderful mountains.

I am the Project Manager and Lead Auditor for MaCaW and lead on the more complicated projects we work on. You will likely see me during the site audits and I will write and present the reports to you following completion of that stage of the project. I will then help you to implement the recommendations from the report, supporting you through every stage of the process.

I am also the technology lead for the project and can advise on all aspects of low carbon technology, provide feasibility studies and guide you through the grant funding process.

I also have extensive experience in Waste Management and can advise on all waste management opportunities, including creating specific waste projects for any business requiring this.

Hi reader! I was born and raised in Blackburn and now live in the Ribble Valley and have a passion for the wonderful environment we have in this amazing County we live in. As a new father to a wonderful baby boy, I am passionate about reducing our carbon footprint for future generations and helping businesses is my passion.

I have worked in business support for a number of years and have a good feel for the challenges faced by businesses across Lancashire. My role in the MaCaW Project is to guide businesses through the process, ensuring the leg work is done by our team rather than you.

I will help you translate low carbon jargon into meaningful information for your business – the opportunities to maximise our work for tendering, realise savings relevant to your business and maximise marketing opportunities.

You will likely see me out and about at events and conferences and I am also available to come out to your business to discuss the project and how it could benefit your business – just get in touch using the below details.

I am originally from the North-East of England and I completed a BSc (Hons) Geography degree here at UCLan several years ago. I love Lancashire and the opportunities it has given me. It is a beautiful county which I am thrilled to now call my home.

My role within the MaCaW project is to undertake Carbon Assessments and Energy Audits. I visit businesses and undertake the audits as well as collecting the data. I then analyse all data at our UCLan base and produce a tailored report for the business.

My favourite part of my job is working with such a wide variety of businesses and offering such a valuable and important service for free which will help to save our planet in the long run.

We have 12 years to limit climate change before we go past the point of no return – helping businesses see the benefits and become enthusiastic about a low-carbon future is a great feeling.

I was born and brought up in Zimbabwe and moved to the US for further education.  In 1991 I married a Lancashire lad and settled and raised my family in this beautiful Red Rose county.  I was fortunate enough to live in Singapore and Beijing for 6 years and have seen the impact that carbon emissions have on lives in the Far East.

My role within the MaCaW Project is to provide administrative support to the team and businesses.  You are likely to hear from me by phone and e-mail when it comes to the boring paperwork side of things! I ensure we meet all the regulations set by the ERDF body, keep accurate records and ensure all paperwork is compliant.

I have worked in various administrative roles at Halifax Plc and in schools here and abroad.  These have provided me with the skills set required to be the Project Administrator.

I enjoy the interaction with businesses this role brings and ensuring you are aware of each stage of the process, as well working with the team to ensure we deliver a seamless project to make Lancashire a cleaner place to live and work.

As Project Director, I oversee the management of the MaCaW Project and have final sign off on all reports and associated paperwork. As such, you are unlikely to hear from me directly during the project, but you will see my name on several documents.

I also offer research and advice to the project team and am able to directly work with any businesses on separate waste projects through the University’s Centre for Waste Management, of which I am director.

As a Chartered Waste Manager and Chartered Engineer, I have a long history working with businesses to provide bespoke solutions for a wide range of resource management issues.

I have a passion for carbon reduction and feel it is so important that businesses take a lead on this issue which is why I think the MaCaW Project is a perfect opportunity for Lancashire businesses to access expert support and funding to help save our planet.