Think MaCaW is too good to be true?

It could add thousands to your bottom line. It could cut your carbon emissions by up to 69%. The whole process could be done in just a couple of weeks. Oh, and it really is FREE. Think MaCaW is too good to be true? Take a look at our mythbusters.

Tell anyone that the service you provide is free but that you have to act now before time runs out and, well, we’ve all put the phone down on calls like that. But just occasionally, something that seems too good to be true is simply just… true. 

Myth 1: There must be a catch if it’s free.

There really is no catch. And it really is FREE.

It’s probably the question we’re asked most often. Because ‘nothing’s ever really free’, the assumption is that there’s a sting in the tail, a cost at the end or lots of nasty surprises in the small print.

But there really isn’t. Our free audit can help you save energy, reduce your carbon footprint and save money. No catches.

Myth 2: If it’s free, it probably isn’t worth a great deal

Free is usually the word dangled in front of things that are low value in an effort to encourage you to spend more on higher value things. But not with MaCaW.

The energy saving opportunities we identify (for FREE) need to be actioned. When you do, the results speak for themselves. To date, the energy saving measures we’ve identified would deliver an average CO2e (carbon dioxide and equivalents) reduction of 27.7% and an average cost saving of £7,242. The highest CO2e reduction we’ve identified to date has been a huge 69%. And remember, we’re only part way through the journey with most of our clients.

Many changes identified by our audit are low or no-cost. Where there is investment required, we’ll provide matched grant funding of up to £8,000 to make the changes. (£15,000 as of November 2019)

So yes, what we do is FREE. But it could make a real difference to your bottom line. 

Myth 3: It’s an academic project, delivered by students

It isn’t. There are many great student-led initiatives at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) – but MaCaW isn’t one of them. We are based at the university, however (and partly funded by it), which means we get to tap into the specialist knowledge, advice and guidance of the experts on site. For our clients, that also presents a huge opportunity to connect with a massive range of cross-campus support such as research projects, product development, testing and the other ERDF projects within UCLan.

UCLan is also the base of our project director, Prof. Karl Williams, director of the university’s Centre for Waste Management, and the expert responsible for signing off every client report we produce. 

As for the rest of the team, we’re time-served industry experts in carbon assessment, energy auditing and waste management. Meet us here.

Myth 4: It’s a long, onerous process and takes up a lot of a business’ time.

It doesn’t. You supply basic, easily accessible data (i.e. your energy bills); we do everything else.

Given that we do all the legwork, you might think that achieving a result takes a little longer, but that’s not true either.

To date, the quickest we’ve gone through the process from initial contact to securing grant funding is ten days. Ten days to audit, crunch the numbers, present the findings and recommendations and secure grant funding. Is that quick enough for you?

Act now to secure funds 

The MaCaW project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).  So if you want to take advantage, do it now while the investment is still there. Talk to MaCaW.  Email or call 01772 893963.

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