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  • MaCaW Project Extended

MaCaW Project Extended!

Over the past few years we’ve helped SMEs in Lancashire identify carbon savings, reduce costs and access grant funding for low carbon technology – for free. Now extended to September 2023, we’re delighted to say we still can.

  • Sow the seeds now

Energy saving? Sow the seeds now…

Businesses save on average more than £10,000 on energy bills and cut CO2e by 26 tonnes when they work with MaCaW. And with match funding of up to £15,000 for bringing low carbon technology [...]

  • carbon footprint

Do You Know Your Numbers?

You know your profit, your turnover, your margins. You probably see your overheads in your sleep. So is it time more businesses knew the numbers regarding their carbon footprint? Management guru Peter [...]

  • MaCaW Mythbusters

MaCaW Mythbusters

Think MaCaW is too good to be true? It could add thousands to your bottom line. It could cut your carbon emissions by up to 69%. The whole process could be done [...]

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