Lancashire businesses getting FREE support to cut carbon

//Lancashire businesses getting FREE support to cut carbon

Helping Lancashire businesses cut energy costs and carbon emissions – for free.

We’ve yet to meet a business that didn’t want to do more to make its processes leaner and greener. Cutting carbon means cutting energy, and the more energy you cut the more money you save. It’s a virtuous circle, and one Lancashire businesses can now access more easily thanks to MaCaW.

MaCaW helps Lancashire SMEs to reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy costs by producing a comprehensive energy report that offers energy saving recommendations. Then we can provide matched grant funding of up to £8,000 to make the changes (£15,000 as of November 2019). The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund alongside the University of Central Lancashire as part of a drive to reduce the planet’s carbon footprint and is completely free to Lancashire SMEs.

So far, we’ve helped engineering companies, manufacturers, industrial plant and equipment installers, gin and ice cream makers, rug distributors, recruitment agencies and a fitness warehouse (to help us work off the gin and ice cream).

What could you save?

You’ve probably read lots on energy saving, and one of the issues we’ve always been keen to overcome is that cutting CO2 equivalents (CO2e) always feels like a bit of an abstract exercise. After all, it’s not as though CO2e drops out of your vehicle exhausts in measurable chunks.

So what difference will energy saving with MaCaW make to you? Well, already (and we’re only part way through the journey), we’ve identified measures that, if implemented, would deliver an average reduction of 27.7% in CO2e. The highest reduction identified to date has been a huge 69%. For one company, the savings amounted to 71 tonnes of CO2e pa.

On average, that means a potential cost saving of £7,242 per business. For those making the biggest reductions the savings could be more than 2.5x that figure.

How can you achieve those savings? It’s different for every business, but it could be through a combination of low and no cost changes (replacing insulation, reducing air con or heating by just one degree, tweaking processes), and grant-funded changes such as replacing all lighting with LED, installing solar PV or new energy management systems.  

Lancashire businesses getting FREE support to cut carbon

The difference you make

No business would balk at saving money, but the benefits of energy reduction are felt much more widely. To date, we’ve identified measures that will help prevent the addition of 359 tonnes of CO2e to the atmosphere.

That’s the equivalent of 359 hot air balloons or 1.2 million bathtubs filled with CO2e. It’s the equivalent of taking 70 average family cars off the road for a year. And if you wanted to offset that carbon by planting trees, you’d need to plant 359 of them and wait 40 years.

Saving is simple

For many of the Lancashire businesses we speak to, there’s just one final barrier to achieving energy-based savings: it takes time, effort and resources they simply don’t have. That’s where MaCaW helps. We do the work for you. We check that you qualify. We do the audit. We prepare the report, make recommendations and help you access grant funding – for free.

You can read how that works in this case study

Take the effort (and cost) out of reducing your carbon footprint, protecting the environment and saving money.
Talk to MaCaW.  Email or call 01772 893963.

  • Lancashire businesses getting FREE support to cut carbon

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