If 2030 is your carbon reduction deadline, MaCaW can help you meet it.

2030 feels significant. In 2018 it was the “line in the sand” the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change chose for limiting the effects of climate change. Since then, we’ve seen more and more organisations take 2030 as their deadline for zero carbon operations. Amazon, AstraZeneca, Microsoft and Sky are just some of the high profile organisations committing to being carbon neutral by the turn of the next decade.

Of course, it’s not just the responsibility of global megabrands to decarbonise. It’s everyone’s responsibility and the good news, as the Campaign Against Climate Change noted at the launch of its goal for Zero Carbon Britain by 2030 is that, “Rapid decarbonisation of the economy … by 2030 is possible.”

Helping you decarbonise

For most Lancashire SMEs, the issue isn’t the will to cut emissions. Nor is it any lack of support to curb climate change – it’s the cost and practicality of making change happen.

MaCaW help businesses solve that problem in a range of ways:

Make starting simple: Perhaps the biggest challenge for any business is getting started. Decarbonising sounds a big, complex goal – but it doesn’t have to be when you break it down into simple steps that are easy to follow. Better still, the MaCaW team takes most of the steps for you!

Find the opportunities: Every business can improve efficiency, reduce energy usage and cut CO2e emissions, but no business will do it in quite the same way as any other. So we’ll complete an audit, produce a comprehensive Carbon Assessment Report that tells where you’re at, and provide recommendations for where your improvement opportunities lie.

£15,000 matched grant funding

New tech costs. But with matched funding providing 50% of the costs, up to £15,000, it will cost you much less with MaCaW. You can use your grant to pay for new equipment and installation – and once installed you’ll see the benefit in terms of reduced energy costs and improved business efficiency as well as carbon emissions.

Monitoring the difference: Post installation, the MaCaW team will keep monitoring your carbon reduction levels at regular intervals, ensuring your journey towards carbon neutral stays on track.

Carbon neutral is in reach

2030 will be here before we know it. Your journey to carbon neutrality won’t be achieved by any single measure. It will take changes large and small to reach the goal. With MaCaW, you can get help to make some of the biggest and most influential changes of all.

Find out more about reducing your carbon footprint with MaCaW. Then make a start by calling us on 01772 893963 or join the project now.

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