Futureproof your business for the low carbon future

//Futureproof your business for the low carbon future

MaCaW’s Professor Karl Williams shares how Lancashire SMEs
can futureproof their businesses for a low carbon future.

The business sector in the UK accounts for at least 18% of natural greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions according to BEIS. To support a low carbon future the Government has now announced its commitment to a netzero GHG target by 2050 in a bid to tackle the climate emergency.

It has fallen on industry to find responses and action plans to achieve the revised target which has now moved from 80% to 100%. Businesses will no longer be able to ignore such initiatives, as these will impact upon how they operate. But how many small businesses know their carbon impact let alone aim to reduce it?

Businesses in Lancashire will need to change the way they view carbon emissions. Procurement processes will concentrate more on the environmental impact of products and services. And these future targets will start to play a significant role, not only for your business, but along the entire supply chain.

Can you afford not to engage – especially if you are part of any procurement process? No one can crystal ball gaze into the future, but it is a good bet that more legislation will be coming. Government policy and documents show we are moving towards a carbon-based economy.

How many small businesses know their carbon impact let alone aim to reduce it?

It is time for businesses to act before they get left behind by competitors and miss out on those vital contracts. There are a wide range of free projects, such as The MaCaW Project at UCLan, which can help businesses start the journey to understanding their carbon impact and to help them to reduce it.

Use this free support before it’s too late!

The MaCaW project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).  So if you want to take advantage, do it now while the investment is still there. Talk to MaCaW.  Email or call 01772 893963.