Feeling the Responsibility for Climate Change?

There’s more to cutting carbon than saving money. For a growing number of Lancashire SMEs, decarbonisation is on the agenda because it’s the right thing to do.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by climate change. The sheer scale of the problem. The number of ways it affects us. Spend long enough watching images of Californian forest fires, crumbling ice shelves and bleached coral reefs and you could be forgiven for wondering what possible difference you could make.

Of course, individually, the difference each of us can make is relatively small. That doesn’t mean it’s not a difference worth making – and small differences add up – but for real change we need the world’s businesses to step up. Fortunately, based on the evidence we see, Lancashire’s businesses are.

Bottom line vs ethics

It’s often said that if you really want business to sit up and take notice of climate change you have to draw a straight line from working more sustainably to the bottom line. There’s clearly some truth in this. After all, businesses are in business to make money and if there’s a way of using decarbonisation to reduce costs and/or boost profits, then surely everyone wins.

But actually, we see a far more complex picture. We have lots of conversations with Lancashire SME owners whose starting point for a conversation is “we feel we should be working more sustainably”. The challenge for those businesses is that often they’re not sure how to turn that feeling of responsibility into practical action.

We help them with that, identifying the quick wins and the areas to target for biggest impact. Almost inevitably, removing carbon from the operation reduces energy costs and that’s certainly welcome. But with many of the organisations we work with, there’s equal if not greater enthusiasm for the fact that their carbon footprint is shrinking. They feel good about working cleaner. It’s a story they are proud to share.

Yes, there are savings to be found in reducing your carbon footprint. But there’s far more behind Lancashire SMEs’ pivot to low-carbon working than that.

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MaCaW is a University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) project, an industry and academic collaboration funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), and supported by Boost; Lancashire’s business growth hub.


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