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The MaCaW Team attended the Accelerating Wyre event in Fleetwood hosted by Wyre Council Business Network.

Our project team delivered an ‘Energy Cost-Saving’ workshop highlighting how our audit process works by measuring energy usage and therefore the energy cost of a business. Data was analysed by the delegates with guidance from the MaCaW Team, to indicate where the SME could make behaviour, process or technological changes to save money by energy reduction.

We would like to thank the Wyre Council Business Network for inviting us to host a workshop at the event, whilst also thanking all the delegates that took part in our workshop.

“Very informative, excellent awareness for SMEs to reduce running costs”

“As an SME we need to start thinking about consumption and how significant the cost will be for energy in the future – This workshop highlighted the importance of energy reduction”

“Interesting to see that some straight forward changes in behaviour can have a fairly big cost saving!”