Businesses save on average more than £10,000 on energy bills and cut CO2e
by 26 tonnes when they work with MaCaW. And with match funding of up
to £15,000 for bringing low carbon technology to your business, there’s never
been a better time to get on board.


Spring flowers. Chances are you passed some beautiful ones on your way into work this morning. Perhaps they’re in full bloom in your garden right now. Of course, they didn’t just materialise. They’re the result of the work put in late last year, because spring bulbs take a little while to deliver their full effect.

And if it’s not too tortuous an analogy, so do energy-saving initiatives like MaCaW. It doesn’t take long before you start feeling the benefits, but the sooner you put plans in place, the sooner you enjoy the results.

Reasons to act now

1. It takes time

Accessing up to £15,000 of matched funding is easy, free, and we do it all for you. 80 SMEs near you have already done it and you can find full details of the application process here, but it’s worth noting that we’ll need to complete an audit, create a comprehensive energy report and identify opportunities to save energy before we help you with your funding application.

Naturally that takes a little time. In any circumstances we’d recommend acting sooner rather than later, because the sooner your application is approved the sooner your business can begin to enjoy the benefits.

But timing is especially important here because…

2. Funding won’t be around forever

Although we’re applying for the programme to be extended to 2023, the uptake has been swift and once the money’s gone, it’s gone, irrespective of end date. So if you want to be certain of ensuring there’s still money available when you apply, apply now.

3. Tech AND installation

Low carbon technology can benefit you in a range of ways, from reducing overall energy usage and costs, to better managing your energy peaks to boosting your tendering success.

But what you may not know is that the grant funding doesn’t just cover the cost of the technology itself. It covers installation too. Frequently, the bulk of the cost of energy and carbon saving initiatives lies in the labour required to install solar panels, wind turbines and so on, so the fact your grant can apply to every element of the process can make a big difference.

Find out more about how MaCaW can benefit your business. Then, sow the seeds that will help lower your energy costs and your carbon footprint. Call us on 01772 893963 or join the project now.

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