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Carbon & COVID-19 – How Cutting Emissions Could Aid Recovery


As Britain slowly emerges from lockdown, most companies are focused on returning to business as usual – or as close as they can possibly get to it. Sustainability, carbon emissions and the environment?

Carbon & COVID-19 – How Cutting Emissions Could Aid Recovery2020-10-06T12:00:12+01:00

Energy saving? Sow the seeds now…


Businesses save on average more than £10,000 on energy bills and cut CO2e by 26 tonnes when they work with MaCaW. And with match funding of up to £15,000 for bringing low carbon technology to your business, there’s never been a better time to get on board.   Spring flowers. Chances are you passed some beautiful ones on your way into work this morning. Perhaps they’re in full bloom in your garden right now. Of course, they didn’t just materialise. They’re the result of the work put in late last year, because spring bulbs take a little while [...]

Energy saving? Sow the seeds now…2020-04-29T15:43:37+01:00

How to Hit Your 2030 Decarbonisation Goal


If 2030 is your carbon reduction deadline, MaCaW can help you meet it. 2030 feels significant. In 2018 it was the “line in the sand” the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change chose for limiting the effects of climate change. Since then, we’ve seen more and more organisations take 2030 as their deadline for zero carbon operations. Amazon, AstraZeneca, Microsoft and Sky are just some of the high profile organisations committing to being carbon neutral by the turn of the next decade. Of course, it’s not just the responsibility of global megabrands to decarbonise. It’s everyone’s responsibility and [...]

How to Hit Your 2030 Decarbonisation Goal2020-04-29T16:31:46+01:00

MaCaW invites expressions of interest for freelance ad-hoc support – Energy Auditing and report writing


The Making Carbon Work (MaCaW) ERDF project was awarded to the University of Central Lancashire in 2017. MaCaW helps SMEs in Lancashire to reduce their carbon footprint, save money on energy costs and provide grant funding to purchase low carbon technology. The MaCaW Project has been funded by the European Regional Development Fund alongside the University of Central Lancashire as part of a drive to reduce the planet’s carbon footprint and is completely FREE of charge to Lancashire SMEs. The project has an in-house team but needs to supplement this with freelance ad hoc support in several areas for a limited [...]

MaCaW invites expressions of interest for freelance ad-hoc support – Energy Auditing and report writing2020-10-06T11:38:17+01:00

Futureproof your business for the low carbon future


MaCaW’s Professor Karl Williams shares how Lancashire SMEs can futureproof their businesses for a low carbon future. The business sector in the UK accounts for at least 18% of natural greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions according to BEIS. To support a low carbon future the Government has now announced its commitment to a netzero GHG target by 2050 in a bid to tackle the climate emergency. It has fallen on industry to find responses and action plans to achieve the revised target which has now moved from 80% to 100%. Businesses will no longer be able to ignore such [...]

Futureproof your business for the low carbon future2019-08-20T16:31:39+01:00

Do You Know Your Numbers?


You know your profit, your turnover, your margins. You probably see your overheads in your sleep. So is it time more businesses knew the numbers regarding their carbon footprint? Management guru Peter Drucker’s quote “What gets measured, gets managed”  remains applicable to a surprisingly large range of circumstances, including energy consumption and carbon footprint. Want to cut the per unit cost of an item you produce? Or increase profit? Or widen margins? You’ll need to measure production time, output and cost and volume of raw materials before you can understand which ‘levers to pull’. The same is unquestionably [...]

Do You Know Your Numbers?2019-11-05T16:21:45+00:00

5 Ways Being More Carbon Efficient Can Boost Tendering Success


5 Ways on how to boost tender success Carbon efficiency: make it part of your tendering. It’s not just the environment that stands to benefit. Sustainability is often seen as an internal process. It’s something a business focuses on to reduce costs, cut emissions and improve processes. For many, it’s not something to shout about. Yet increasingly, sustainability isn’t merely an internal matter. Moving to a low carbon way of working can make a positive difference to the outcome of your tenders in a number of ways. Here’s why: It’s expected For some time, public sector tenders have contained [...]

5 Ways Being More Carbon Efficient Can Boost Tendering Success2020-10-06T11:54:49+01:00