5 Ways Being More Carbon Efficient Can Boost Tendering Success

//5 Ways Being More Carbon Efficient Can Boost Tendering Success

5 Ways on how to boost tender success

Carbon efficiency: make it part of your tendering.

It’s not just the environment that stands to benefit.

Sustainability is often seen as an internal process. It’s something a business focuses on to reduce costs, cut emissions and improve processes. For many, it’s not something to shout about. Yet increasingly, sustainability isn’t merely an internal matter. Moving to a low carbon way of working can make a positive difference to the outcome of your tenders in a number of ways. Here’s why:

It’s expected

For some time, public sector tenders have contained a CSR / environmental element. As what happens in public sector procurement inevitably trickles down to wider industry, it’s increasingly the case that a company tendering for work without anything to say about its approach to the environment is likely find its pitch coming second to those that do.

According to one study, “62% of executives consider a sustainability strategy necessary to be competitive today, and another 22% think it will be in the future.” So right now, the lengths to which you go to report on carbon emissions will have a positive impact on some tenders. In the future, it could well affect most. 

It’s required

Larger companies are required to report their emissions according to the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) policy. Subsidiaries and suppliers do not have to be included within the report, but it’s not hard to see the direction of travel for reporting companies.

If large corporates are expected to meet certain emissions standards, they will expect similar standards from their supply chain. So if your business supplies a major corporate client and you’re not yet required to demonstrate your own commitment to carbon reduction, the chances are you soon will be.

The good news is that once you have such measures in place, it not only helps retain the clients you have; it makes the next tendering process easier too.

It can put you on a level playing field – or give you an edge

Emissions reporting is becoming more commonplace, but that doesn’t mean all companies are doing it yet. Some of the organisations competing against you in tendering exercises won’t have emissions reporting set up – and until they do, you’ll have a crucial edge over them. 

Of course, some of your competitors will already be reporting – although you’re unlikely to know which. To compete on a level playing field, you’ll need to be reporting too.

It could make you more competitive

To date, the energy saving opportunities we have identified have saved our clients an average of £7,242 each year. The greatest amount we’ve save is almost three times that. 

Add to that the fact that our support in reducing your carbon footprint is free, and that we’ll provide matched grant funding of £8,000 (£15,000 as of November 2019) to make energy efficient changes to your business, and it’s easy to save money through MaCaW.

Those are savings that could make your next tender more competitive.

It reveals something about you

It’s a certain type of business that reports on its emissions before the law tells it to. It suggests a certain set of values. A certain diligence. A certain level of detail and organisation. 

Your improvement actions don’t need to be complete to make an impact – just reporting on your existing carbon footprint will be enough – but if you don’t know what it is, you could be missing out.

Talk to MaCaw

We’ll tell you what your carbon footprint is. Then we’ll show you how to reduce it. For free. We’ll provide the matched grant funding. The whole process is quick and simple (we do all the heavy lifting) and the process could be complete in just a few days.

That’s a very small effort, for a potentially big advantage to your business – and your tendering.

The MaCaW project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).  So if you want to take advantage, do it now while the investment is still there. Talk to MaCaW.  Email or call 01772 893963.